I made this in about 30 mins. And its abit interesting and weird. Its a basic riff that i twisted. This might be an intro or something ill use later but now i just want to share
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ok then. The tuning is dropped C.

Repeat the intro twice. Then there is more but its too complicated to put in the tab

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This is freakishly cool man, good job. I can't say much aboot it, due it being an intro only lol, but if you expand on it I would really like to see where it would go.

I can't rate it yet, the intro doesn't make the song :P
Probably one of the more interesting songs I've looked at tonight. I like your use of dissonance. It has a really evil sound. The bend in track 2 gives a sound of like a cow being slaughtered or something it's a nice effect for the mood. It seemed to get a little generic after measure 8. Bring out that creative wierdness again for the rest of it.

PS: When you dont wanna write the tab for it. Go to File-->Export-->ASCII
and cope and paste it and make sure to use the thing to format it right.

Crit mine please
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-Its gets pretty cool after bar 9


- a little too dissonant for my tastes


-remove the distortion from the beggining and maybe change a few notes

Rating: 8/10

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I updated it a bit, Added synth and some more guitar work. Alot more bending i guess. If anyone has anysuggestions i would gladly apreciate it.
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