Well I put them in following this Seymour Duncan a diagram

Plugged it in, I'm getting a ton of feedback and screeching. When I touch the output jack or the bridge it stops somewhat. But not when I touch the strings.

Atleast I can hear the notes out of it and the volume and tone are working.

Could it be just my bad soldering\wiring techniques? It all looks really messy. Also I lost my grounding wire so I just found an old wire (which is much thicker and the actualy wire inside is a bronze colour) for the grounding.

I was meant to get some new wires today but they didn't have any of the small ones at Canadian Tire only the chuncky ones and I didn't have much time to check elsewhere. Would Radio Shack have it? If they do what should I aks them for specifically?

I'll try and post up a picture if that helps.

Sounds to me like its not grounded.
Make sure that the ground wire from the bridge is hooked up. Usually soldered the one of the pots cases.

Radio Shack has wire, but the ones here didn't have the 26 gauge I wanted.
But they do carry several different gauges of wire.
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I'm pretty certain that Seymour Duncan uses a completely different color code, which drives everyone crazy.

Yep. Check out this site - a little over half-way down.

(Or not ...check the wire diagram to be sure).
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^ When I got my FAT PAF pickups from GFS, they used the same wire coloring as Seymour Duncans.
Also, on Seymour Duncans web site, they do have wiring diagrahms for damn near any configuration you can think of, as well as the color codes for various pickup manufacturers.
The paperwork that GFS sent with your pickups should have included the color coding as well.
Quote by forsaknazrael
Reverse the wires on the jack.

EHHHHHHHHHHHHH it works thanks

But now I need a new set of strings, I have the A string on right now and that's it lol But I'll ge the new wires anyways.

Cant wait til I can try it on a Traynor YCV50 this sunday !
No, GFS Pickups use GREEN as positive. Seymour Duncan uses BLACK.
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I'm just saying... you're reversing the polarity of the pickup, which can effect the sound.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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And I'm trying to increase the flow of good solid information here, rather than let someone go on thinking the wrong thing. I hope you understand my angle.

Someone could take part of this as the way it should be and mix SD's with GFS's and wonder why stuff is out of phase or won't humbuck.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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No, I understand. If they read the included directions, though, (Again, working from fuzzy memory), it'll show them how to wire it, and because they can't predict what the polarity of the stock humbuckers, say if it isn't hum canceling when used with other pickups, or if it sounds weak, to reverse the green and black.
Actually it's humming just like my stock single coils did. So I just reverse green and black?
Quote by forsaknazrael
Well, is it humming when you use it with other pickups?

Or by itself?

EDIT: Also, does it sound kind of nasal and thinner when used with another pickup?

Hums regardless.

Doesnt sound thinner, sounds like a mix between the power rail and crucnhy PAF I guesse lol

But I think at this point it`s the amp, a crummy Marshall Valvestate (I know I know, looking for a good LOW watt, HIGH gain tube amp, mostly for home use but can`t find anything). On the clean channel I unplug the guitar, hum remains the same, on the OD channel I unplug it and hum gets louder.

The GFS pickup selector came with a diagram with it. The lines are green so I guesse I should reverse green and black then for sure then.

Also say I unwire the middle PU position, will that position act as a killswitch then?

Kinda like a killswitch...Not really though. That'd just be annoying to me.

If you're playing by fluorescent lights, electronics and such, I wouldn't be surprised. Those'll cause hum.

If it doesn't sounds out of phase (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKCYj8QSrAU - only decent clip I could find. It's a bit more nasal, if you can hear it.) then don't reverse it.