I have this screen when I turn it on:

Now I create a beat on this smaller screen, and it plays over and over:

So how do I get that beat to show up on this part of the screen so I can then put another beat on after it?

So basically I want to have the drums playing, and then without stopping the beat it will start another rythm? Is this possible
The drums are sequenced in a grid system. On the Y axis (left side) we have a bunch of patterns, and on the X axis we have numbers representing one complete pattern each.

Lets say you have a beat in pattern one. You want that beat to play 3 times and then play pattern 2 once. You would make three boxes of pattern one, then one box of pattern two after it.

This is how the pattern, or beat editor and the song editor work together. The pattern editor helps you make beats, the song editor lets you control when those beats are triggered.
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