Poll: Which Agile 7-string would you go for?
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View poll results: Which Agile 7-string would you go for?
Interceptor Pro 27 Tribal Green
5 56%
Septor 727 Black Flame
4 44%
Voters: 9.
I would get the interceptor since it is only a little more than the other one and it already has EMG's. Im just not sure how good that floyd is though.
I would say it depends if you want a bar or a hardtail guitar.
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IMHO, this is one of the nicest 7's I've ever seen...

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^+1, I love the look of that flamed maple, and it just seems like the better idea because the Interceptor has a Licensed Floyd, and with the Septor all you need to do is change the pups, which if EMG aren't for you you'd be stuck with big route holes on the Interceptor.
I say Septor ftw.