First of all i want to thank all of you in this forum. The information in here BLOWS my MIND!!! XD

Okay. So i started playing acoustic (Jasmine Takamine) like two weeks ago. An experienced friend tuned it so it was fine for the two weeks but then i felt the need to buy an electronic tuner because my friend wont always be there. So i opened it today and tried it, and i found that it made the guitar sound very different. it sounds more like bass and its pitch seems very low. The tuner is KORG CA-30 Chromatic tuner. Maybe its because it Chromatic?
i dont know what to do. can anyone help?

O btw i changed my guitar strings today if that helps at all...
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check the notes against these and if you have to, tune by ear


Ok so you're telling someone who started playing guitar 'like two weeks ago' to tune his guitar by ear?.....
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well im not 100% sure on the korg tuiner mine act weard i cant tell witch letter the strings are it will show EADGBe but no other in witch you strum.. i recramend a fender FT-100 chromatic tuner each string you strum it will show what letter it is according to each string it gets accurate if you know the EADGBe from low to high e instead of Fcghi witch thats probly way out of tune :P . im pretty new on guitar my self. and i dont think you needed to change strings eather just a tuner thats WAY accurate. i hope i helped ya some what
i have the same tuner mines is fine but if you dont like it i think theres a way to calibrate it that and you should learn to tune by ear so that when your guitar is off you can tell
it plays a certain note, it isn't a recorded sound of a guitar string. A chromatic tuner tunes guitar and bass and double bass, and violin. the only difference is the octave that the note is on. Your low E string and high E string are two octaves apart, but you could still tune your high E to the low E pitch your tuner would play.

Chromatic means it can recognize every semi tone. Like your fretboard, where every fret higher is another semi tone. if you used the microphone function on your tuner and held down the second fret of an E string, it would say that the note you played was an F# (providing your guitar is in tune already) If you are relatively new to instruments, I'd recommend just using the microphone function so that you just tune it higher or lower to match the note you want, as oppose to tuning by ear, which is probably difficult for you to do at this point, and you can still have your guitar in perfect tune.
try tuning it up another octave ( until it says E again only higher in pitch) repeat for A D G B e do this only if it feels sloppy when the plain strings dont make a good sound when plucked

Good Luck
Thanks everyone!!
but i found that it was just the strings.
i think its because i bought phosphor bronze strings which made it more like bass.
i need the 80/20 ones.