well, i want to try out this animal i have become tab for my acoustic guitar i found, but it says its in drop c tuning. i am terrible when it comes to theory and dont know the names of the strings out of memory so, i need help on how to do drop c. noobish i know, but hey... cut me slack and lend me hand? xD
Drop C is CGCFAD and if our not using a tuner check the tunning thread at the top it has teh steps to tune by ear
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Basically, tune the whole guitar down a whole step, then tune the lowest string down another whole step. Think of it as drop D but the guitar is a whole step lower than standard tuning.
What your going to need to do is to tune your low E string to the same pitch as your d string. Once you have done this tune all of your strings using your low E string as a reference which will now be d. Your guitar will now be DGCFAD. Now tune your low D (E) to you C String and voila...drop C tuning.
tune the thickest E string so that its 9th fret sounds the same as the A string. then tune the A string so that its 7th fret sounds the same as the D string. then tune the D string so that its 7th fret sounds the same as the G string. then tune the G string so that its 6th fret sounds the same as the B string. then tune the B string so that its 7th fret sounds the same as the high e string. then tune the high e string so that it sounds the same as the second highest strings (B which is now an A) 5th fret.
now you're done.