I just tried a shot of it straight and was ****ing awful. I'm still feeling a burn in my chest and I took a shot over 30 seconds ago.

Whats a good drink to mix it with? Pepsi, mountain dew, ????
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not sure.. mountain dew sounds nice! you should try that.. if its good send me a message cause i might wanna try that next time i drink some vodka :P
there was a thread on this yesterday..
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Man up and drink it straight ?
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on the subject:
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Wtf? Vodka with soda. Have it with orange or cranberry juice. Ice up all the way to the top, with a lime.
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Man up and drink it straight ?


Be a man
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**** burzum XD

there i said it...kinda

edit: i do realise they are not here...so i kinda didnt say it...

It also usually tastes better when you're not alone, asking people on the internet what to mix with it.
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the cheapest grape soda you can find
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drink that stuff man
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1. Agreed, Drink it straight.

2. Red Bull and Vodka.
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Mix it with more vodka.
Lemonade maybe?

Crowne Royale for moi.
what happened to the proposed Kirk Hammett flamenco album?

His acoustic didn't sound good with wah pedal, I suppose.
Wow, somebody must be lonely.
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The vodka'll do the trick...

Just mix it with more Nikolai so you can say you mixed while still being a man and chug that bitch...someone'll find you
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learn how to do shots. It will become a much needed skill once you go to college.
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Mix it with more vodka.
And ICE.

... shaken, not stirred.
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Soda to mix? Drink it straight you Suzie.

If you MUST, try some sort of energy drink.
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