for some reason i can't find his thread, and since it's a vid lesson i'll post a new thread anyway...

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There's a 6-page Bumblefoot interview / lesson
in Guitar Player (US) magazine, April 2008 issue.

Accompanying video lessons are now online.

Go to www.guitarplayertv.com,
click on "GP Lessons Apr. 08", then "Masterclass".

There are 4 videos:
The Thimble, Thimble Octaves, Thimble Blues, Thimble Madness.



SCANS HERE!! - http://www.heretodaygonetohell.com/board/index.php?topic=50984.0
Ive been lookin for this, good post.
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You people should check his thimble videos - really amazing and inventive stuff.

He plays Guitars SUCK slowly and then fast - showing how thimble works here. He plays 'Vomit' solo, explains some cool thimble tips and plays a 'thimble madness' - you'll understand when you watch it.

www.guitarplayertv.com > GP Lessons Apr. 08 > Bumblefoot Lessons

Videos avaliable right now:

*The thimble (2:49) - Explaining the thimble, showing cool tips and showing how he does that on Guitars SUCK
*Thimble octaves (1:49) - Explaining some coop tips, i guess
*Vomit solo (0:41) - Playing 'Vomit' solo - yeah, he uses the thimble
*Thimble madness (0:26) - Some cool thimble tapping licks i guess. this is just too good

I'm sure you'll like it

Here are the scans - thanks GypsySoul from HTGTH.