So im looking to start getting some recording gear and I need a little help when it comes to microphones.

So I know the difference between condenser and dynamic mics. So Im getting a Sm57 to record drums but when it comes to which condenser mic to get im so stumbled

So I have some options im just unsure of how to figure out which is best



any help when it comes to choosing between them would be greattttttttttttt
When you compare two mics of the same calibur and price range it comes down to: which one is better suited to capture your unique voice. Some mics do a better job at capturing a specific voice than others. When you go to a recording studio, they usually have an array of mics to choose from. They will match the best sounding mic with the best sounding preamp to capture the warmth and clarity of your voice.

If it's at all possible, go to your local music shop and ask to take a simple recording with those mics (if they stock them, might be a good idea to call ahead). If they don't have the mics, then you might as well use a cion toss to choose which mic you want.

I've used MXL products before and have achieved good results. I haven't recorded with any Audio-Technica products, yet, so I can't give you my opinion on them. I've heard good results with both of those mics, so whichever you choose will still give you a good start.
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