to put a long story short, my dad thinks capos are stupid...

does anybody know if theres a way to play the Jeff Buckly version of the song without a cappo on the 5th fret? ( or maby it sound the same without a cappo, but when i play it it dosn't but i could be wrong)

thanks all for reading. by the way... this is off topic but how much are cappos?
ya, but it makes it a hell of alot easier to get the same tone with the capo.
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a decent one is 20$ CAD. you could just play it in C (C, AM, F, G) in open chords or get a higher ringing (capo-like) tone by playing barre chords with the thumb on the 6th (C=8th fret AM fifth, F, fifth (d shape) etc. people who think capos are stupid think they limit you, but in reality you can get unique tones...think "here comes the sun".
mm thanks. i'm kinda freaked out cuz my mom wants me to earn this song for church in 2 weeks... i might just use the original chord version but i'll look into that.. thanks
i highly recommend using a capo

So many professional artists use a capo it's not even funny.

Every once in a while I see this, where people have a real aversion to capos. You limit yourself by NOT having one!

they are cheap and you can pick one up at just about any music store
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