hey im thinking of putting one of these in my mim strat, and im wondering what you guys think about, has anyone here ever used one, does it actually sound like a paf?

im thinking of completly rewiring my strat
fralin vintage hot in the neck
fralin blues special in the middle
duncan litte 59 in the bridge

what do u think?

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ive played a strat with one of those in it. it was pretty nice, but i still like the normal sized '59 humbucker a lot more.
I've got a Strat with a JB jr in the neck, Duckbucker in the middle, and lil '59 in the bridge. The '59 is the best sounding of the three, and its awesome. It has a nice scream to it, yet plays cleans nicely, too.

The '59 has this certain bite that no other pickup I own has. I really do love it. I'd reccomend it to anyone. My only advice would be to keep some single coils in it, with the one humbucker. (I suppose thats your plan)
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why not just get a new HSS pickguard and use a proper 59 in?
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There is a recording of a lil '59 through one of my amps, on my profile page. They dont have the full tonal range of the full sized version, but they are still a good pickup.

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