I wanted some new knobs for my guitar and driving home it hit me...

3 dice showing 6 6 6 but i knew they would be almost impossible to find so i stopped by Walmart and picked up a pack of playing dice. I then tapped the holes and slapped them on the guitar. But i was like hmmm there missing something these are supposed to be dice straight out of hell.... So i got the idea to burn them a little and through trial and error i found out out burning the edges looked the best...

So heres the pics.... Also I liked building these so much if anyone wants me to build some im taking orders....You can pick your own numbers as a bonus... So don't worry about the 666 thing... Hit me up....

And let me know what yall think....

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dude those are pretty sweet you should upload a pic of em on your guitar man
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Those look pretty cool, I'd like to see them on a guitar.

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wow...i like it a lot. im not sure i would do 666 or any particular number for that matter. it would be awesome to have ones with numbers on all sides but the top. i know im odd
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You should soak them in coffee/tobacco to give them a bone-look. Bone dice from hell? Yes. Or, put a small dot of red in the center of each dot, like a demon's eyes.
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that is hot.
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That's pretty awesome. I'm also curious how you did the holes, wanna fill us in?
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that's cool, its the proof that you can do anything with little things when using your imagination
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I wanted some new knobs for my guitar and driving home it hit me... some douchebag threw a pack of burnt dice at me!

thats how i expected it to end :P

pretty dam cool still

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Wow with the dice and the trucker girl decal (or is it a plate?) there is just so much win going on. Props dude.
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i did the same thing like 2 weeks ago. but i just drilled holes and pressed them on.
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Looks awesome!
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