I'm in a Physics class my sophomore year, and I've got to make myself a guitar (to explore the properties of sound waves). Everything on it that is not electronic must be homemade, and I was thinking about going with a box made of 2x4s and a sanded down, polished neck from a 2x4, as well as a 2x4 head, probably. My teacher says I can use the tuners and bridge from my old Epiphone SG Special, but I don't know how to take those out or put them into 2x4s. I also don't know how to put frets on the neck, so I was thinking I might try a fretless guitar.

So, does anyone happen to know if 2x4s have good enough resonance to make an acoustic loud?

And also, would a fretless guitar work? I've seen fretless basses, but...

Lastly, how would I go about putting a bridge into 2x4s?
Plywood guitar =

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Plywood guitar =

I don't think he's going for quality man, he seems to be going for experimentation "a.k.a. the physics class"
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Plywood guitar =

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I have an acoustic made out of ply. Let me tell you it makes me want to die or perhaps eat some pie... But no really its not too bad but plywood is really loose and splintery wood so it would be hard to cut and shape it.
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