Hey guys,

Today I was playing a song, the Fade to Black Solo, and all of a sudden as i was doing a certain part I felt this pain in my right arm in my biceps area that felt like a stab. It really hurt for like a second, but then it just made my arm feel weak. I moved it around and it didn't hurt again.

I'm concerned because I have been playing for like 5 years and never have I had this happen to me before. I have played parts that require a lot more speed in that arm and this has never happened. I wasn't tense or anything in that arm when I was playing, so I am stumped.

Should I just take a break for a couple days and see what happens after that?

Thanks for the help

PS Sorry for the massive amount of text.
My arm just starts to ache after a good hour or so. I'm not sure what it is for you though. I would just take a break for a day.
i'd wager it's one of those random unexplained pains everybody gets from time to time.
Yeah it may have just been a random pain from bending your arm in a certain way. I get those fairly often.
I have this stupid ass habit of twisting my hand when I do pinch harmonics...it hurts from time to time...
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yeah, take a little break, and make sure you stretch.
if that happens to me, its always cause i only did half-assed stretches when i started.
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people stretch before they play guitar
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Thanks for the help guys. What kind of stretches should I do before I play?
happened to me a while ago. lower arm. turned out to be a muscle pull or somethin. chill put for a few days. the doc gave me some tablets to take for 3 days and after that i've been fine. i realized i had started picking like marty friedman... very uncomfortable actually, but it just happened. so i went back to the normal style and stuck to it. just try seeing what you tried doing and stop it.
or you could just listen to john petrucci

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porobably ur muscle got a contraction or it stretched to much
well it sounds like you got cancer, looks like were gonna have to put you down. lol jk youve probably just been play for too long