hey all, i have a several month old line 6 spider 3 and im in the process of customing it. i already have vinyl and grille mesh to recover it exactly like i hae with all my other amps. unfourtunately line 6 has made this amp damn near impossible to take apart. ive take off the back brace/plate, the handle, the bottom boot and top back boots. the speaker is out as well. now i am up to the point in which i am completely stuck.

my question is... do any of you know where to go next and if not, does anyone know of some technical manual that gives the technicians step by step instructions? PLEASE HELP. this is a present and needs to get done ASAP.

ps. please help and not give responses like i should throw it out or that i should nave bought a spider.

thanks a lot for any and all help
what are you trying to do really? I might be able to tell yah how to take it appart if i know what part your trying to yank off.
i am taking it completely apart. i want to be able to get it to the point in which the electronics are out and the baffle is seperate from the cabinet

i am going to be reupolstering it with a brown leather and then redo the grille to be beigish color.

ive goten it to the point in which the elecdtronics wiggle but dont actually go anywhere. all extra hardware is off except the top two front bumpers which god knows how those come off.
what version of the amp do you have "wattage" because on my 75, there's 8 screws holding the electronics in, and they are very easily spoted and to get at.
i have the 15 and those are out already, they were terrible to take out. i also took out 4 wierd nuts on the front. it seems like it is still somehow anchored to the top of the cabinet even though all visible screws are out
any ideas anyone? ive seriously hit a dead end here. do you think line 6 will answer it over the phone?
hopw do you get the face plate off, i just got to all of the nuts under the knobs but the top front rubber corner bumpers are holding it in place and i cant figure out how those are secured
i took apart one of my little crappy amps and there was glue and screws holding it together so i really had to pull.
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the cabinet itself i am keeping together. i just want top take out the baffle and the electronics
ive finally gotten it down to what i belive is the last step... that is taking out the actuall "amplifier" this is the part i cant figure out, does anyone know how it is actually secured to the top?