A semi-local shop called C&G Music is holding a contest entitled "The Six-String Shoot-Out" for people of ages 12 to 16 with at least 18 months of experience (I'm 16, I've played for, roughly, 3 years). I'm sure you got the main idea.

Here are the rules (excluding the obvious, or unimportant ones):


- Entrant must submit a 1 song demo of his/her playing along with a completed
entry form available at C&G Music and also available for download here on this site. Demos will then be judged blindly and 12 finalists will be chosen to perform in the "Six String Shoot-Out"on Saturday May 3rd at 5pm at Mohegan Manor. Entrants making it to the six string shoot-out will be notified by phone no later than Friday, April 25th.
- Acceptable media for demo: CD, CD-R, DVD, Link to audio file or video file on the internet. (Demos submited via internet links will not be reviewed untill Entry Fee has been recieved at store.


- Each finalist will be asked to perform 1 cover piece and 1 original piece with each piece being no less than 2 minutes and no more than 4 minutes.

- All finalists will be judged by a panel of 3 judges on: Stage presence, Overall Musicality and Accuracy.

- Each finalist is asked to bring their guitar ( and processor if desired.) Amp and chord will be provided.

- Electric, Acoustic and Classical guitars are acceptable.

- No: loops, drum machines, or any type of backing tracks are acceptable.

First prize is a Spector ARC6 PRO in Holoflash Black, a guitar I've wanted very badly:

Note the three things they judge you on: Stage presence, Overall Musicality, and Accuracy.

I'm feeling very doubtful signing up because of the first one listed, since I have never been on stage doing a solo performance. I HAVE been on stage, just not under these circumstances. What do you think they're most likely expecting out of me? I mean, I'm a jazz guitarist (and it's not the upbeat, swinging jazz you're most likely thinking of. Picture stuff like Tom Waits and Joe Henry), I just don't think there's much I can do. It's not everyday you see someone like me headbanging and stuff like that, you know? I just can't think of what to do... any ideas? (This is why I feel doubtful about signing up for this, I'm clueless regarding this thing)

Any general tips for playing on stage under these condition would be very, VERY helpful too. What can I do to prepare for this?


P.S. Sorry if I'm not being clear or sounding stupid, I'm very tired right now, I just felt like getting this up as soon as possible.
Well, just keep moving around, make it fun to watch, think about if you were in the crowd what you would want to see. Most importantly I find is covering the whole stage, walk around it's all yours.
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For a cover take five and just solo on it for ever
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Do IT!!! If I could play at all I would do it.
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