Sorry for the delay y’all, here is my review of my guitar.

The Taylor 314ce
Price: $1,650
Specs (musiciansfriend.com)
• Solid Sitka spruce top
• Sapele back and sides
• Ebony fretboard and bridge
• Indian rosewood headstock overlay
• Expression System electronics
• Chromeplated Taylor tuners
• 25-1/2" scale
• 1-3/4" nut width

If I could describe this guitar in just two words, they would be simple, yet elegant.

I bought this guitar used back in July or so last summer for $950. It was a great deal considering how much they go for new and I am very happy with the purchase.

I am what you can call the stereotypical singer-songwriter writing about his exes, and this guitar fits the bill perfectly. I’ve been really busy lately, but there are times when I’ll just pick it up to strum a few chords, and I end up playing for hours and hours because I just cannot put it down.

I’m REALLY picky with guitar tones. The guitar doesn’t produce a distinct treble or bass heavy sound, but offers a nice mix and balance that just sounds great to my ears. I do wish it could offer just a bit more bass, but that’s just my preference since I tend to enjoy a soothing low end in my guitars. What I love most about this guitar is how well it complements me. I mostly perform straight-up acoustic gigs without mikes or amps, and the guitar is just perfect for the organic sounds that I perform with – that doesn’t make much sense so let me try to break it down some. The guitar isn’t booming loud like a jumbo, but produces just the perfect volume to complement a singer – the singer will not overpower the guitar, and the guitar will not overpower the singer. There’s a nirvana of volume and balance when I perform with it. I’m not much of a finger picker, but that works just as well as strumming does.

I haven’t messed with the electronics much, but one thing that bothers me about the ES system is how sensitive it is and how easily sounds are picked up. I used this guitar to play in the school musical, and when my shirt would rub against the guitar, it would pick it up and produce this strange rubbing noise. In case you’re not familiar with the ES system, it has 3 magnetic pickups: one placed where the neck meets the body, one under the bridge, and one under the top of the guitar. The three black knobs on the guitar give you control of volume, bass, and treble. A problem I encountered was an annoying rattling/buzzing noise from the guitar. Fortunately it didn’t turn out to be faulty electronics, but rather an odd thing: the two AA batteries in the battery compartment were quite snugly fit. I wrapped the batteries with post-it notes and solved the problem. Apparently it’s a pervasive problem among Taylors, but the 2007 and newer ES Systems are fit with 9 volt batteries to counter this problem.

I don’t particularly like or dislike the ES system, but I like that it is one of the least intrusive electronics systems out there. I don’t notice it at all when I play 

All in all, the best thing about the guitar to me is its resonant, natural, smooth sound. I think its aesthetics speak for itself: simple and beautiful.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. I would be happy to discuss the guitar further with anyone who is interested. Just post here or pm me.

Take care!

I will post pictures as SOON as we get some sunshine after this freezing cold front moves away. It's snowing in Texas for goodness sake!

Sig Retired.
thanks for the review. good read.

hmm... im going to be buying a guitar in the $1500 range during the summer. I played the 314 taylor and considered it as an option. it certainly does have a nice sound, but i dont think it's for me. I need a rich, full, warm, bassy and meaty kind of tone.