Since attempting to learn the wonders of metal in all it's glory. Riding that good ol'6th string quickly has become rather important (to me at least). But after about 12 seconds or so, my wrist locks up and I have to stop and shake it out (I make the effort to stretch it out a little). Other than playing like that over and over again, are there ways to loosen up my wrist to keep it from cramping up?
haha learn some iron maiden... its like 8 minutes of solid horse-riding gallop till the wrist cramps up and rots off style playing on the good ol 6th string
if you're totally comitted to getting your hand looser you have to do some kid of hand exercises constantly. sometimes i have like a stress ball to work the muscles in my hands. also if you hold up your pinkey and middle fingers while leaving the other two down, you stretch the ligaments in your hand. you can do the same thing with your ring and index finger up.