Posted last week about me getting rid of my RG well i finally did and picked this beauty up. Just finished modifying it a bit to make it my own... Also just made the set of hand burnt and tapped dice knobs you see on it ... Tell me what yall think... Also the thing plays and sounds wonderful... Puts my RG to shame..

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Did you intentionally have the dice say 666? I lol'd inside when I saw it. Looks nice! I've never seen that model in person , how does she play??

Lol was waiting for someone to catch it.. Yea i was driving home last night and had the idea so i picked up some dice and made my own...

She plays really well i was very surprised. The neck is just the right size and im liking the 24.75 scale instead of my rg's 25. It has a maple neck through body design, rosewood fretboard and the body is alder. The emg's lol it... The sound is much thicker then the rg as well. All in all alot better guitar and the build quality puts my rg to shame as well. It took me a year to get that thing setup right and it still had alot of issues. I just did a simple setup and this thing was good to go.