Poll: Teacher or yoursekf for larning music
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9 69%
4 31%
Voters: 13.
Vote and comment on how you think people learn guitar better, by a teacher or self-learning? sorry about the spelling for the poll i type to quick
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Self-taught for 3 years great for an experience but i'm thinking of getting a teacher
With a good teacher, its so much easier to progress. Not necessary, but still better.

Self taught for two years (bar three months of teaching) and piano lessons for 12 lol.
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2 Years self taught but I'm going to get a teacher because I'm basically stuck without one.
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i think there are benefits to both.. i think when you teach yourself, you develop your own style a bit more than when someone is giving you stuff to do and showing you how to do it. i also think that people who teach themselves work a little harder at it because no one is sitting in front of them showing them what to do, and they have to figure it out on their own.

but its probably easier when you have a teacher, and youll learn how to do more stuff than if you were trying to do it by yourself...