Hi, I have a Fender Jaguar HH (I know..alot of people dont like it.. but I personally love it)

Theres a pic of it incase you dont know what it looks like, and I was wondering if I could take off the bridge and maybe put this one on

I just dont know if the guitar model I have will let me exchange bridges cause of like.. I dont know, im sure you get what I mean, but do you think I can? Or does it only work on certain guitars?

Thanks in advance.
I think you can get that put in.
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dont think it'll work. you'd have a lot of extra holes when your done routing
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Will it fit yea after you cut out the wood needed for it to fit. And dont mind the big holes in the body where the stop piece went. You might need to move the bridge pickup forward a little to. And the kahler probably wont work to good without a locking nut.
Man, I SO would not even consider that.... You're better off buying a guitar with a trem on it than messing with that thing... Keep that guitar just the way it is, it's sweet as hell! Don't ruin it!

Even if you did, you'd still wind up with the holes from the tail piece still there.... I beg you man... just get another axe with a trem.
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