I just bought a Peavey Classic 30, and i love it, but there are a few things i want to know. It doesnt really have enough gain for what i play (Rage against the machine) and i want to get an overdrive pedal for it. Could anyone recommend me a good overdrive? Also, i have a Boss DS-2, and when i use it with this amp, it makes alot of noise. Im using it on the clean channel. Does anyone know why it does this, or what i can do to stop it?
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Any kind of Tubescreamer-type pedal will get you there. The Ibanez reissues are okay but perhaps a bit pricey, and if you can afford a Fulltone OCD that's a brilliant buy. The Crowther Hotcake would be my personal pick - it's a little bit more gritty than a TS but still has enough transparency to let your guitar's character through.

In the lower ranges the Digitech Bad Monkey is great value, and the Behringer TO800 sounds fantastic though isn't as gigworthy due to the small fiddly buttons and slightly unresponsive footswitch.
^ It could be because Boss pedals suck.

I'd suggest a Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde. Two pedals in one. A TS808 OD clone on one side, and a pretty sick distortion pedal on the other. It'll definitely get your C-30 as heavy as it can get.
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^ They are quite expensive in Australia though. And i have no money after buying the amp