Exactly whats in the title. just looking for a good loop pedal, one that will store themand be able to recal the later. Any good recommendations. Please dont tell me to just go try some, i will.
Im thinking about the Boss DD - 20 Giga Delay, its got 23 seconds of looping, customizing options, 4 storeables and more. Anyone have any experience with one?
id go with the rc-2, check out the demos of it, you can do some far out stuff
I wasnt able to find one for less than $200 BUT I did buy a digitech GNX3 that has a looper buit into it for $200 shipped on Ebay. More toys for less money. Give it a look.
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yeah the rc 2 looks good but what can it do other than looping? i like the dd giga 20 because it also has delay in there and i wanted oone of those two. maybe if it had just a little more loop time. What special (not listed features) does the rc 2 have?