I have about $1400 to spend on a head or half stack (or maybe full stack!) and I've been doing research and I was wondering if these are good choices, which amp is good at what genres/tones, which one has the best overall sound quality/volume/distortions/cleans/features/etc....

Carvin Legacy
Peavey Valveking
(don't know brand) 5150 III
Peavey JSX
Carvin V3
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
Mesa Boogie Mark IV
Peavey Windsor
Oh, by the way
I want a tone like Joe Sat on the song "super colosal"
and also i want the sound like tom morello (on practically all his songs)
and also i want a sound that sounds great with power chords like sum 41/blink182/etc
the Mesa Boogies are all very good amps with a wide variety of tones. The 5150 III is the Van Halen model of the Peavey, if I'm not mistaken. Personally I would go Mesa!
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Mesa Mark IV

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Unless you meant 5150 II, the 5150 III is made by "EVH" which is a Fender brand. It also costs about $2000 new, so I'm guessing you made a typo?

Carvin Legacy - Shred sound, used by Steve Vai, I hear it's not too high-gain but is a pretty versatile amp
Peavey Valveking - Honestly, with the other amps you're looking at, I wouldn't even consider it. Versatile though.
Peavey JSX - Used by Joe Satriani, great cleans, lead channel etc. I really like these for metal and a lot of things really, others don't agree.
Carvin V3 - Tons of options with it, has a lot of stuff you wouldn't find on amps twice its price, can get tons of tones. Great amp for the price. Covers everything from cleans/blues to modern metal
Mesa Boogie Dual/Triple Rectifier - (imo) the weakest Mesa amps, the new ones at least. If you can find an old two channel, that'd be awesome. Their cleans are sub-par, though they can be good with some tweaking. Very loose low end. Lots of gain though, NOT a lead player's amp.
Mesa Boogie Mark IV - I own one, so I obviously have high praises for them. Extremely versatile, I kid you not, it can do everything. Switchable from 85W all the way down to 15 depending on settings. Great lead tone, very nice cleans, honestly I think this is probably your best bet, head will run you ~$1200.
Peavey Windsor - At high volumes, it's all distortion. It's a hot rodded Marshall JCM 800, no useable cleans unless at lower volumes.
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The tone on "super colossal" is mainly an octave effect, not just an amp tone.
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the 5150 lll is EVH brand, if you want satriani tone id check out the jsx.

the new one, but the old on is a peavy I havent tried the new one but the old one was very acclaimed and sounded good.
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JCM 800 2205 to be exactly.

well actually i heard it was a JCM 800 2203...
V3 or Mark IV. And don't bother with a full stack. Many people regard half stacks to be overkill there is no way in hell you need a full stack.
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Old school 5150 or maybe a Carvin. I have a Windsor, and you need an effects processor or a lot a pedals to achieve an excellent sound out of it.
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well actually i heard it was a JCM 800 2203...

Considering he tells you it's a 2205, and the fact that there's more than 6 knobs means it obviously has to be a 2205.
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Old school 5150 or maybe a Carvin. I have a Windsor, and you need an effects processor or a lot a pedals to achieve an excellent sound out of it.

Can the JSX make similar sounds to the Legacy?