Greetings All

Hello, I'm MikeyLaurence, a South Australian postgraduate student writing a thesis about inspirational women in music, and the general theme of music as a magical power. Once I'm finished, I'm eager to find a career in music reviewing and writing articles about music for newspapers/magazines/online publications.

I would like to submit a news item about an innovative young musician's new album release. I'm a Street Team member for American singer/songwriter Jon Peter Lewis. I have some awesome news I just received from my friends at Jon's forum stating that Jon's second album Break The Silence will be released on June 3 and the first single also titled Break The Silence will be released on March 18.

This appears to be the proposed cover photo for the new album:

Jon's debut album, Stories From Hollywood was released as a limited indie release through Jon's own label, Cockaroo Entertainment, on November 7 2006. It is fantastic and truly shows Jon's brilliance as not only a vocalist, but also a songwriter and rhythm guitarist, plus he produced it himself as well. Jon was the first former American Idol contestant to produce his own independent album, which was critically appraised by fans and critics alike. We are eager to spread the news about the new album.

Jon is also an active humanitarian who has worked with organisations like Adopt-A-Minefield and Camp Kindle among others.

Jon's MySpace and official website are as follows:



I just thought I would post this message in hopes you will be interested in supporting an artist I truly believe in who will do a lot of good for the world someday and inspire others to do the same.

Cheers, Mikey