Hi Guys

I wasn't sure if this was the right place to do so, but I'd like to introduce myself and my list of favourite musicians.

Hello, I'm Michael from South Australia. I’m a Postgraduate student at my University where I am working on a thesis about the empowerment of women through music and magic. This thesis will involve a novel I am writing entitled Chords In The Storm and a critical exegesis on fantasy literature with a musical element, most notably The Spellsong Cycle novels by L.E Modesitt Jr., as well as a critical analysis of the life histories and music of a select group of musicians whose contribution to the empowerment of female rock artists has been revolutionary. Once I'm finished, I'm eager to find a career in music reviewing and writing articles about music for newspapers/magazines/online publications.

Here are my favourites in the music world:


The Bangles
Black Box
C. Duck & Nate
The Cinematographers
Continental Drifters
The Delphines
The Go-Go's
The Graces
House Of Schock
Jon Peter Lewis' Band
Kindred Spirit
The Lamps
River City People
That Dog
Velvet Sundae
Ze Malibu Kids

*Individual Artists:

C. Duck Anderson
Christian Bale ("Newsies" soundtrack...)
Suzy Bogguss
Meredith Brooks
Charlotte Caffey
Belinda Carlisle
Beth Nielsen Chapman
Gia Ciambotti
Susan Cowsill
Dominique Davalos
Lee Ferris
Whoopi Goldberg ("Sister Act 1&2" soundtracks...)
Amy Grant
Petra Haden
Carol Hatchett
Susanna Hoffs
Lauren Kennedy
Siobhan Maher-Kennedy
Val Kilmer (mostly known as a superphenomenal actor but is also a brilliant musician)
Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess" soundtracks & recent live CD/DVDs)
Jon Peter Lewis
Luba Mason
Martina McBride
Gregory Michael
Bette Midler
Michelle Pereira
Gretchen Peters
Debbi Peterson
Vicki Peterson
Katrin Quinol
Nate Richert
Alicia J. Rose (AKA Miss Murgatroid)
Gina Schock
Michael Steele
Matthew Sweet
Melanie Taylor
Rhae Ann Theriault
Abby Travis
Kathy Valentine
Anna Waronker
Nita Whitaker
Jane Wiedlin
Jorinde Williams

Cheers, Mikey
nice and welcome.
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