Ok, i applied for a music practise at college.

and they asked me how is my theory? and i was like i have just started learning them.

Then he asked me i should learn some major scales.

I said okay, he said i should be able to find them on the internet.
i searched omnn google and they gave loooooads of examples.

Can people on UG pleeeeeeeeeease help me out where i can find major scales without the nasty comments?


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because there is also a gibson squire, and they don't want to get them confused
Theres probably a lesson on UG somewhere.

But the major scale goes, W W H W W W H

W= whole note (2 frets) like E to F# is a whole note
H = half note ( 1 fret ) like E to F is a half note.

so the c major scales goes:

C (W) D (W) E (H) F (W) G (W) A (W) B (H) C

Tab like this:


But thats just one octave.
starting and ending on the root notes.

Now you can copy that pattern to any where on the Low E or A strings and you will get the major scale of whatever note you begin on.

Hope that helps

By the way if your playing in the key of Cmajor...You use the C major scale
If your in D, you use the D major scale...

But as I said theres probably a lesson on here somewhere, but if you need anymore help send me a message or something....