I've met many beuatiful ones but seriously why do westerners give them such flak?

like saying they are hairy and have smelly pussies?Seriously this is what i've heard.

Why the hell are there so many damn threads about Persian women lately? Who cares?

Use a goddamn search bar, ya tool!
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I wouldnt be surprised if the first thing Varg did was sign up for WoW so he could kick some Judeo-Christian ass.

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I've never said that... but I guess: Stereotypes. Not too many are true, but there is usually a reason why they exist.
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No they don't, and UG is proof...
threadstarter, I suggest you get new western friends. some persian women are beautiful and some persian women aren't. And hairy smelly pussies are a problem that plagues all races and cultures.
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erm. you've posted about this before and it was closed. i suggest you stop it.
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