OK don't expect anything as polished as My Hero that I posted here a week or so ago (that one took about 2 weeks to do!). Me and Chris (French Dukes bassist/singer) decided to knock this one out in a boring afternoon, took about 6 hours to do it all. It's pretty rudimentary, amps used were a Marshall Lead 15 combo and a Fender Frontman 15 so that why the guitars sound kinda buzzy, and obviously it's an incredibly hard song to sing but we gave it a shot anyway. Chris did the drums on his keyboard cuz Matt wasn't around. We'd like to know what you thought.
i personly dont really listen to muse, btu i quite injoyed yoru cover of the song, also i liek the RHCP song even though quality wasn't thast good, =]=] keep up good work man
Sounds a bit slower than the original, but it is very nice. I liked the vocals.

The production could be better though. But the cover is very nice. Great job.
Woah. That was absolutely fantastic. Possibly one of the hardest Muse vocals to cover, but you absolutely nailed it. Really amazing job. I wish I could sing like that.
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