In this video Rusty Cooley's fingers of his picking hand are really tight and pulled inward and his thumb looks very firm as if it's making it easier to attack the string. Is that generally considered bad tension or would it be beneficial?

When I'm alternate picking my fingers are relaxed, but they (my 2nd 3rd and 4th fingers get a certain "arch" to them that kind of bugs me, and also my thumb would sort of bend back (I've heard it called the artist's thumb, I can bend it back easily without applying any external pressure on it) and angle my pick upwards, but I've gotten rid of that habit, and consequently my ability to accent with downstrokes has improved.
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I can't say I've seen anyone pick like that. Personally, my index finger and thumb make a circle when I hold the pick, and my pinky rests (quite firmly) just below my last pickup. The other two are pretty relaxed. It works well for my triplet style, and my alternate picking isnt terrible either. I model after Jon Schaffer. You get a good look at his style here.

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Well the whole anchoring thing is confusing......well what is the best definition of anchoring.......

A. Fixing your wrist on a particular position on the body.
B. Resting the wrist on body or strings but shifting it different positions as you play.
C. Floating your wrist not resting at all
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A) Just because they look tense, doesn't mean they are tense (really - and vice versa!)
B) If it's tense, it's bad, if it's loose, it's good.