I felt like writing something that started in c-sharp so I plugged in my guitar and mic and just played this song off the cuff lyrics and all. Ill do that sometimes just to get a feel of what Im thinking while Im writing the music and sometimes use those lyrics later, but I sorta like all these lyrics but there just not that good in spots. The extra guitar was tossed in later of course. Anyways parts of the lyrics arent all that great like "pretty smile"..eh.

So Im stumped and thought heck why not throw this out here and let you guys help out a guy thats just stuck lyrically.

Also theres a part or two that is off with the music but hey it was wrote on the spot.

I hope Im not crossing any lines here and Im sure someone will let me know if I have.

So cmon guys help me out!!! OH yeah Im no songer so bear with me on that.

The song is on my profile.

Silky hair and a pretty smile
could it be I havent seen you in a while
Every moment I spent with you
Everydays just another day without you
without you,
without you,
without you

All those times that you laughed with me
All those days that never seemed to end
You told me that you would never be
So lonely you couldnt live without me
without me,
without me,
without me

<in the second "without me" the guitar will start

strumming then at the last one a more distorted

guitar will kick in>
(Solo break.)

I waited that day
Hours and hours late
you never showed you never came
How was I to know you were in such pain?
so much pain,
so much pain,
so much pain
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!