Firstly, this hasn't been done before, because this is exlusively out of 4/4.

Secondly, Not something like 23/16 (I'm looking at you, Meshuggah! ), preferably something with some good pulse, like easy to headbang to.

Thirdly, EXPLAIN it! What signatures, etc.

Mine is: "Liquor & Love Lost" by Bring Me the Horizon.

Listen to it.
It's four bars, like this:
3/4 | 4/4 | 3/4 | 5/4
Or, could be said to be 7/4 | 8/4

But it has a great pulse.


EDIT: Guys, I was kinda preferring breakdowns that were heavy, albeit chugga-chug or whatever. Not so much Beatles...
Hence the choice of sub-forums...
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Real Life - Cog

Theres this amazing crescendo with excellent emotional vocals and then everything falls quiet and Flynn (the guitar player/singer) plays this magical piece...words cannot simply describe it..you'd have to hear for yourself...What are you waiting for!!!?

Either that or the breakdown in Bombtrack by RATM, the awesome part right before the guitar solo.



I went ahead and saved you the trouble of looking for it
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the bridge of Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles changes time signatures like 3 times, I think its like 4/4, 11/4 and 3/4 all within like 4 measures, the part thats "Sun sun sun here we come" its cool cause its not blatantly obvious and still flows well
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