so yea i think im going to get a tube amp but i dont no which one. i dont wana spend alot. so i was looking around and i saw a hartke gt100c and i see it has a preamp tube so im guesing thats a tube amp and its only 210. can any on help me i need a loud enouph amp that i can play gigs with that sounds great. and if you dont mind explain the whole tube thing to me
you want a tube amp that has tubes in both the preamp AND the power amp. otherwise it is just a hybrid and won't stand up to most tube amp expectations. what's your budget and what style do you play (and include that information when asking for gear advice from now on.)
I hate to break it to you, but you're going to have to save up more than that for a decent tube amp. Your only hope as I see it is a used Peavey Windsor. I got one for 190 USD and a cab for 150, but even that's a little over your budget, and I got a couple really good deals. For now, I would suggest either continuing to save or going with solid state for now. They may not be as good as tubes, but they aren't the devil like some people make them out to be. IF you really nead a new amp though, that Hartke doesn't look too bad, although I can't say that I've ever played through one.
For gigging with small tubes generaly you need to setup a mic infront of the amp that runs through a PA system. As for amps. Well dude it really depends on what sound you like. look into Peavey, fender, or marshall. but yeh. 300 bucks isnt really enough. 500 could set you up deciently.