I have a Jackson DKMGT, and I'm usings D'addario .10's for my string gauge. I'm used to playing in Drop C, and I didn't have any problems with it going out of tune. I just joined a new band, and we're using B F# B E F C# as our tuning. I'm having a little trouble staying in tune after playing for an extended period of time. What can I do to remedy this?
heavier gauge strings would be more suited to that tuning I would say, try 11s or 12s?
I've had the guitar for about four years now. I changed the strings about a month and a half ago. Would using heavier gauge strings affect my playing? I've played on .10's for about 3 years.
it changes your tone and they wont jiggle as much when you play them. it would probably tear your fingers up a little, make them sore, but you'll get used to it.

but it'll change your tone for the good.
it'll beefen up your lows and give you the chugga chugga from hell and make your first 3 strings much less floppy and a more balance and it'll sound a hell of a lot better.

trust me, you need to get a pair of 12's or 13's. it'll be worth it.
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