Ok. So why is the hellraiser so popular? Has anyone tried both? I would think the Classic would be preferred because of the neck-through neck. I can always swap in EMGs... What do you guys think?

I play metal from children of bodom to iron maiden through a 5150. Also I want a guitar without a floyd rose as I wanna screw around with different tunings. And the vine of life inlay doesn't bother me!

Has anyone compared both?
I hate the vine on the classic, but i chose the hellraiser because it has a little bit juicier of a neck.
I tried both. I almost bought the classic also (I was too much of a n00b then, I needed fret indicators haha) Honestly, I like the classic better. Looks cooler, and it sounds nicer to me...More versatile, I guess. The hellraiser's nice, don't get me wrong, but the classic just feels like a better guitar to me. And since you don't want a Rose, I'd go with the classic. Of course, you'd want to try both yourself if you can, just to make sure.
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It's really a matter of taste. If you really like the looks of the Classic, but don't mind spending the extra money to put EMGs, that's really up to you. But then why do that when you can get the Hellraiser which already has them, for even less cost than the Classic (at least for the string through version). It's also built for it, with having a seperate battery compartment, making battery changes easier, and it has a hell of a nice look for metal in my opinion.

The Classic also has a pretty damn good set of pups in there already. The neck-through is great, but sustain wise, I don't think it's going to make all THAT much of a difference, as the set-neck Hellraiser sustains really well and playability wise, there's no real difference.

The Hellraiser, out of the starting gates, is equipped for metal. While the Classic (which can still do metal), was created with a lot more flexibility in mind.
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Tough choice. Here in Canada there's no place that sells schecters. That I've found yet anyway. I've never used EMG's before and my Ibanez S470dx already has JB and 59s in it... Can emg's still do that late Iron Maiden/Judas Priest tone? The neck-through won't make much difference?

Isn't the classic a thinner neck or something?
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I like the hellraiser because it wasn't as gay as the classic. Those vine inlays were really confusing and just over the top for me.
why dont you just get a TOM hellraiser?

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If you want EMGs, get the Hellraiser. I like the Classic better overall. However, I also like the tone of the Seymour Duncans over the EMGs, both for the versatility, but even just for purely metal tones I use I think they sound better.