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Okay so I was thinking of picking up another instrument (obviously). Just as a side thing. Preferably a stringed instrument that is plucked. I was thinking either between a mandolin and ukulele. I don't listen to a lot of folk music. The only times I've really heard a mandolin being used was in some Led Zeppelin songs like Going to California. A poll will be up shortly.

That would be awesome tbf
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Why not learn something totally different, like the harmonica?

Harmonicas are cool but all brass and woodwind instruments hate me.
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Mandolins are fun but you need thin fingers. Piano's the easiest instrument to "pick up" after the guitar (other than a bass guitar/12 string etc).

I have thin fingers. And I would like to play an instrument that is plucked with a plectrum.
ultimate-violin.com ?
ultimate-ukulele.com ?
ultimate-other.com ?

no siry bob.. I don't think so


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That would be awesome tbf

I play violin, its A LOT harder to become decent at. Your pitch will be off for a long time before it sounds good, same with bowing.
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That would be awesome tbf

Yes, it would be awesome. After 8 years of learning.
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So, what kind of an instrument is this 'other'?

As in an instrument OTHER than those two listed above.
Yeah okay so you could learn something something like ukulele or mandolin, or take up the craziest string instrument ever to grace the earth, the sitar.
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learn bass, makes it easier to get gigs with bands, and helps with songwriting and developing good rhythm.
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Mandolin would pretty sweet, if just for the Zeppelin songs you could play with it.
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Cello. beautiful. you can play pizzicato (plucking) if you want, or maybe double bass. that's neat.
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The banjo is the way to go.

You can even tune it to GDAE and make it a Banjolin!
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