This is a parts mutt. The neck is a 2007 MIM Fender Strat maple/maple neck with absolutely no fret wear. It was immediately taken off of the Strat and sent to me. I'm not sure where the body was made. I had the body professionally painted in a nice black. There are two spots on the butt and top horn of the guitar where the clear was buffed a little too much and turned white, very small spots, though. The strap buttons are chrome Schaller's, sorry I do not have the locks. All parts, except for the strap buttons on the guitar are brand new.

The following parts were purchased from GFS:
1. Neck plate and screws
2. Tremolo
3. Pickups are GFS calibrated Lil' Killer rails set
4. Plastic mirror pickguard
5. V/T/T black knobs - The knobs sit a little high off of the body of the guitar.
6. Jack plate

The pots and 5-way switch were installed by my tech. The pots are 500k CTS.

The selling price is $400.00 shipped in a padded gig bag. I am also looking for trades. You know me, always looking for those shredders. Charvel, Jackson, Kramer, etc...let me know what you may have.

This is for the US only.


i have the same strap, =P

And I must say, I really hate strats but I actually think this one looks pretty nice.
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