I am making a picture in photoshop for a team of mine known as blazin55. I am trying to get a picture with a smoking hot lady with some weed or buds or marijuana in any way shape or form. Can anyone link me or tell me where i can find something like this ?
Is the Piccard picture banned?

What kind of team by the way?
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well i get on the net and chat with hot chicks alot.
most of them want to see me naked.. and they are over 18..
Sounds like you've failed at life.

Please try again later.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
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Copyrighted though.

She has man legs.
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She has man legs.

Or is wuite fit for being a woman
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Check out goatse, I hear she's hot.

You're a twat.

Watch out , you don't wanna mess with blazin55.