I am able to hit my dead notes as long as I am playing a song that is using barre chords..easy right. However, if I'm play a song that goes from lets say C to a G. I'm having problems getting the dead notes fitted in between those open chords. What's the trick here? Do you kill the strings with your picking while your strumming? I don't know how to get it done. I've been playing 3 plus almost 4 years something like that, and I think I've progresses well but this is one thing that get me. So please some advise would be great....Thanx
Usually, when playing open chords, you dont use your pinky, use it to make the dead notes in a barre. for those of the chords where you do use your pinky, use your index finger, to make a quick barre.
Either use a barred for of the chord or quickly transition between the chord and laying your hand over the strings...
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