the song is called At The End. Its in my profile.
Its a song recorded by a Christian Rock Band im in, called Exit 41.
i play lead guitar and arrange the songs. However our drummer arranged the amazing string parts in this song. im looking for your overall thoughts on the song, recording, performance and everything. as well as comments on my playing, and tone. all of my solos were imrpovised, im proud to say i did it in one take. haha thats a rare thing for me. also, im hoping to find out if my playing was too cliche, as this is the heaviest ive ever really played. normally im just a blues/jazz player, but this band forces me to push myself to be as diverse as i can. thanks for any feedback. and crit 4 crit.

also the last minute or so of the song is my favorite, i really hope you listen to the whole thing, is rather long. but i think the end is worth it. thanks

also theres like three solos. haha like i said its a long peice

another edit. i really really really want crit on the three solos, the one fisrt one, the one that comes in after the band drops at the first time, and then the one in the last minute or so of the song
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not what i normally listen to but i will try to crit

it was nice and slow and i cant really say there was anything wrong musically at the start, except not much going on heh.

towards the middle when the song started to kick in, i rather liked the little bluesy sounding guitar work, the only real improvements you can make it maybe a bit more going on during verses etc, because other than interludes and the solo all that i can hear is vocals and a slow drum beat, occasional chords.

so i guess the overall thing im trying to say is to have a bit more going on throughout the song and keep up the work

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i'll crit as i listen....

great feeling in the beginning. the slow build is fantastic, especially with the voice in the background. the bowed bass was a really good choice. great strings, are they live strings? cuz they sound pretty pro.

when the guit solo comes in, the drums and rhythm guitar could be a little more powerful.

when the second guitar solo comes in, the pace seems a little slow but that's just me i find that an increase in tempo really helps excentuate parts like that but thats something to keep in mind for songs in the future. everything is steady though which is good.

all in all fantastic song, it sounds really pro. your voice is really nice too. all the added effects and mixes were spot on. great job!

thanks for the crit on mine
Im also critiquing as Im listening.

Im digging the beginning my only crit would be is to not have the guy repeat the same thing the singer says in the first line. It doesnt really fill the time needed for that space.

Thought the first solo was very decent and it seems to fit the song. Dont get hung up on what you think the listener wants to hear because in reality they want to hear what you feel. So yeah its good....although right near the end you play a part twice and I think its good but on the last repeat just that last note consider changing it for dynamics sake.

The singing during the slower parts and the woo-oohs is quite good but the guys got such a "wholesome" voice think about flanging him ever so slighty on the more aggresive parts....possibly not a flange (maybe a slight megaphone sound) but something in that ball park...and just a tad.

The second solo is played really well but its stars off really theatrical if that makes any sense. Not sure if Im digging the solo parts during the vocs, well played but its kinda stepping on the vocs. I would try a rhythm part there thats more aggresive and stands out some from the rest of the song. Or just single notes with swell and/or vibrato.

Ok now Im around the 550 mark and the solo is for sure stepping on thoses beautiful string parts. It kinda sounds ok right at first then it just gets messy.

Nice feedback in the outro!!!

Last solo was really good but again it sounds theatrical...thats great if thats what your shooting for. Your guitar playing is really great and youve surrounded yourself with some really great musicians.

SO. The structure, the song is 8 minutes long..............didnt seem it at all and thats some kinda feat imo.

Your guitar playing, very very well done. If you feel that the story and the lead fits go with it. I would probably at the very least give it another look and see if your happy with everything.

Singer? Yeah hes good.

Strings awesome congrats to the drummer for putting that together.

Oh yeah drums sounded good as well.

Recording quality sounded pretty good but Im listening through older computer speakers.

YOu guys should be really happy with this song.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
hey thanks so much for the crits. especially v8ko.
i agree about stepping on the toes of the singer, but the producer wanted to keep that in their.

do people find my playing to come across as "trying to hard to be mtel/hard rock'?
Quote by chea_man
hey thanks so much for the crits. especially v8ko.
i agree about stepping on the toes of the singer, but the producer wanted to keep that in their.

do people find my playing to come across as "trying to hard to be mtel/hard rock'?

Hey thanks man, when I hear something that good Ill lend out my ear.

And no I dont think its to metal/hard rock. BTW Its more accepted now in christian music than ever. I listened to it in my younger years and now my daughter listens to it also and its changed for the better.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
really good quality. The singer has a really good voice. I thought the spoken part was really interesting, since the main vocals are rather normal. That worked really well together and made it really sort of creepy to listen to...but in a good way. the strings are definitely amazing...and it sounds great when it starts to pick up. To be honest, it was way too long for me. I mean, its a great song with some really interesting ideas...but not enough to keep me listening for 8 minutes. Really impressive stuff you have here, though. thanks a lot for the crit.

Well, its wonderful. The vocals and the guitar and the piano... one word "Perfect". That thing rocks indeed.
It has the mood, a melody and the solos... ahh, great song, man.

Regards, Ash.
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