Let me first start off at the beginning. I have an Epiphone SG G-400 and I play through a Line 6 Spider III HD150 Halfstack.

A few months ago, I ordered a DiMarzio Air Norton for the neck position. I installed it with no problems. It played like a dream. Now, just the other day, I recieved the Bigsby B-5 and a DiMarzio Super Distortion for the brige position. I installed the Bigsby with no problems. I also installed the Super Distortion.

But, herein lies the problem. I had to unsolder the Air Norton so I could help the cable of the Super Distortion through the little hole that led from the pickup holes to the electronics themselves. I soldered both of the pickups in, doing exactly as the instructions that came with the pickups said, and plugged in my guitar. There was little or no sound coming from the amp. I checked all of the regular connections for my amp and cables, and there were no problems. I have been trying different things all day with the pickups to get sound coming out of them. Eventually, I got sound to come out. But, this is with full gain and full treble, bass and mid, on the Insane setting of my amp. I have tried reversing the phase of the bridge (Super Distortion). This did not really work. I can get distortion on the bottom end (slightly) and then it is clean on the top end.

What can I do? I have checked all of my soldering and I cannot understand what is wrong. I need help ASAP!!!! I am in a school talent show and have a large gig in two weeks, but I am leaving for London on Tuesday until Sunday. Please give me some help!!!
did you earth the guitar to the new bridge?
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He means did you solder a ground wire to your new bridge. If you didn't then you will be having problems with hum but that woudn't cut your volume.

Most likely thing is that a wire got broken when you were moving stuff around in there. Have a look around and see if anything looks like it's been disconected and double check that you don't have a stray wire or drop of solder that is connecting your volume pots "hot" lug to the ground. Second most likely thing is that you burnt out your pot when you were soldering the grounds to it and you need a new pot. 3rd most likely is that you burnt out your switch and need a new swith. It's also possible that just have poor solder joints.
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alright. Yeah, I think i might have soldered the volume to the ground. That makes a lot of sense now. Thanks.