Hi guys

I was just wondering what would be the best guitar instrumental song to play for a party where there are many people from around the world, who are not musicians.

I do not want to play something really slow and, nor do I want it to be ridiculously technical. It has to have a strong sense of melody.

Suggestions would be great.

I am the ressurection- The Stone Roses

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I do not want it to be slow mainly for the reason that people may get uninterested for a while. I want something that shows off 'some' skill, but doesn't become self indulgent after a while.
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The Ocean-John Butler Trio

I agree with this. If you have a capo, a 12-string guitar and you put heart in your playing it'll be the best option.

Also Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson.
the audience is listening by steve vai try to get a live version though
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Europa by Santana.
Or Drivin' South by Jimi Hendrix.

Totally different, Europa for a smooth ambience and Drivin' South to rock the audience.
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oh yes

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Tommy Emmanuel - Blue Moon
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The Ocean-John Butler Trio

Exactly what I was thinking