I have a Washburn Bantam series which I like the feel of, but it needs a bit more ...GO! It has a mahogany body, so fairly good, but the pickups are very basic p-bass style, would I notice the difference if I put some Seymour Duncan quarter pounders in there? Or should I get saving for an upgrade, I really fancy the Washburn force 4 or a Warwick rockbass, or maybe a Spector.....?
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Pickups are a huge part of an electric instruments sound. Maybe bigger than anything else. If the pickups you use are inferior, or the low-quality factory model ones, I highly suggest invetsing 150-200 dollars in some bicthin' pickups, and see where you are at that point tone wise.

I just sunk 145 bucks in some Fender SCN Jazz Bass pups, and the tone difference is beyond astonishing.
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If the pickups cost near half the bass' original price its probably not worth. Cause you're still gonna have a bass with shoddy wood, shoddy feel, shoddy finish, shoddy bridge, shoddy tuners, shoddy neck and shoddy electronics.

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Cheers guys, I think you know I really wanted to get new gear.......don`t we all deep down!! I only asked because the rest of the bass is o.k. and I quite like the neck, tho` not as much as my MB5 Washburn, although that weighs a ton, and I don`t use the low B much in my new band!! Oh well, start saving......
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