I dont know what it is, but ive played guitar for a few years, mostly just to myself you know. And so I never really played standing up.

But ive been trying to lately and its so much harder, why?

Any help?
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Really I find it easier to stand and play I can get more of the frets and wut not, but thats just me
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Your used to it. Some people prefer sitting especially acoustic players. Just keep at it. Observe other guitarists standing up to see how they position themselves. i must admit I get a bit lazy and sit down so I have to stand n get used it again! Just keep at it and try standing up more. Hope that helps
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Playing standing up is a good idea esp. if you're planning to play gigs in the future.

Just start with your strap strung higher up and slowly move it down each day.
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This probably won't help, but when you play standing up your guitar is (for most of the people, most of the time) further away from you than when you're sitting down.
If you're struggling to play standing up, try shortening your strap when you play so your guitar is closer to you, and after a while start to make the strap bigger. That helped me to adjust to playing standing up (I didn't play standing up for the first 2 years I played guitar). It might just be the weight of your guitar that your finding it hard to get used to (if you have a reasonably heavy guitar).

Well, that's all I have to say. Helpful?
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I've pretty much always played either standing or lying on my back when I'm feeling epicly lazy.
Just doesn't feel natural to me to sit and play, so I guess it's just that the guitar's in a different place relative to your body when you stand.
Set your strap so that it is the same height sitting or standing. Sure having it swinging by your ankles looks cool, but it hinders you ability to play and is likely to bring about conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome.
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I had the same question before and this is the best answer that I got.

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should look something like this
it feels wierd cause your used to playing sitting, hence the guitar is closer and your fretting ARM has more flexibility, then you stand and have the guitar lower, the fretting arm has to drop with it and it feeling weird at 1st. Just practice w/e u play standing, and play scales and what not.
And you should do what others have said about having a high strap and slowly lowering it, that didnt really work for me cause i hate doing things slowly, i got used to the guitar being under my belt line right away, not up by my tummy. although, Angus Young plays his SG really high up, i think it looks a bit funny, but if its what lets him jam as good as he does, then it works
I find it a lot easier to play standing up as I can adjust my guitar at will to suit where on the fret board I'm playing

and i tend to have my guitar sitting very low
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It's just personal preference whether you hold it high or low, if you look at Tom Morello for example he holds it really high and still rocks the ****, while Slash holds it under his belt and melts peoples faces.
lol same problem here
my wrists go into really awkward positions when im standing up + playing the lower frets
so i tend to just bring my guitar to an almost upright position when im playing those XD

my fav guitar player does that WOOT WOOT
he sometimes plays his guitar at like a 80 degree angle :P
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Very, VERY, helpful site!! Free, too.
basically because you got used to playing sitting down.
after awhile you'll get used to it.
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You have to play more standing up to get used to it.....whenever my friends are over playing I almost always stand up but when by myself I prefer to sit so I'm pretty comfortable both ways......
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