......but I'm so happy I just had to post it somewhere.
For the last hour I've been explaining to the other guitarist in my band why he should get rid of his MG100HDFX head and get a tube head instead (he already has a decent cab, not the MG cab), and after an hour of grinding him down I think I'm finally getting somewhere. He was under the impression like so many others that tube amps are loads of work and take lots of care and are a big hassle etc but I think I've FINALLY (not just after this hour but the last few months) got through to him and he's considering selling the mg head for a tube head. He asked why I hate the MG so much and I listed the obvious reasons that we all know, then described to him the realistic simplicity of a tube amp and how it conflicted his own thoughts about them.
I know this post doesn't have much relevance to anything but I'm just so happy he is finally beginning to see the light and my ears may not have to suffer in practice anymore

Again sorry for the pointless post.
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All celebrate another conversion from the heathen MG cult! Yet another n00b has opened their eyes to perceive the true and righteous path!
yay you are all amazing/smart guitar players!...
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Another guitarist is getting rid of a MG? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is a happy day. Tell your friend it will be the best decison of his entire life.
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