Are these guitars good guitars and what is the difference between them and epi les paul customs?
They're different colours, have 24 frets, a lovely top on them, different inlays & fretwire.

Most importantly is probably that they have Genuine Gibson humbuckers in them.
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I haven't played that guitar yet but since it is an epiphone it most likely will have some great possibilities. The only differences I can point out is that it has two Gibson Dirty Fingers--I have one in the bridge of my SG and I love it with the VS Jekyll OD--and a master volume and a master tone. It looks like a really solid guitar.
What about sound? Do GX's sound like a les paul o does the dirty fingers make them sound different?
A bit, you're going to get really high output out of them. You can always drop a burstbucker or some other humbucker in there if you don't like them. You can split the coils on that guitar too.