I mainly use the blues scale, with passing tones, and I have no problem weaving in an out of boxes, even during the fast runs. But the problem is that all of my fast runs sound the same. I'm usually going straight up the scale to a bend, or going down 3 notes, up 1, down 3, up 1, you get the idea. Is the only way to solve this playing new patterns slowly, then easing into them? Because I want to be able to make something up just on the spot, that I've never, or rarely played before. What can I do? Any ideas are welcome. I've thought about learning Epruption, Texas Floods, or Red House. I like the phrasing during the fast sections on all of those. I like Slash's phrasing too, but none of his solo's really stand out, just certain licks. Anyways, any ideas are welcome, please respond, thanks.
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Play some slow blues, and put in a run that you feel shows the emotion you're trying to show. Make it only 3 - 5 notes long. Go slow again. Do a variation of the first run, now using 7 - 8 notes etc.
just mix it up, listein to other blues artists, look at their music and steal little bits and make it your own. theres nothing wrong with that. it just takes time your probably just stuck in a rut so go find some inspiration and really try and feel the blues.
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Try forcing yourself to play runs on only one or two strings for a few bars, and then a different set of strings, so on and so forth. It really helps when it comes to learning to play up the fretboard instead of up the strings.
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