if i were to buy a bass (Rogue SX100B Series II) would i be able to play it thru my fender deluxe 200 watt guitar amp?
you could but not at loud volumes, if you hear a shaking sound from the amp it the speaker cone, that means stop

*I'm not taking any responsibility if you blow your speakers, it's your decision.
It is likely to dammge the speakers, and will always sound bad. Bass amps aren't just there so bassists ahve stuff to call their own.
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It's possible, but not adviced, you can do it for short periods of time, with a small amount of low end and low volume, I would just get a small practise amp if you don't wanna spend much.
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This question is answered on the second post of the forum FAQ.
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why do you want a rogue bass? those are horrible. squire basses are better than rogue
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