I've been doing some research on the subject.
But of course no guitar site specifies models in left-hand configuration beyond the strat.

I'm not that big of a fan of squier, but I love the '72 tele customs and deluxes.
The only '72 tele deluxe I know of however is a hardcore-expensixe relic masterbuilt.

What I'm trying to figure out does squier make lefty versions of the Vintage Modified Telecaster Customs?

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I can't find anything I don't think Squier even makes lefty telecasters standard. I'm a lefty and I own a squier strat and I think that the one I bought was the only lefty I've seen.
Thanks, dude. I can't believe there's no lefty squier teles though.
I guess the only way to really know is to call or e-mail them.

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I have a squier standard model but it had been hanging in a music store over 5 years when i bought it. I know they list a lefty squire on their website.
Fender makes some left handed Tele's. They sell for about $400 on musicians friend