i got a bc rich (plat) warlock *like in slipknot*
it has the factory pickup's (bc rich) are they any good or should i get some diffrent ones?
depends on whether or not you like them...
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If you like the pickups then it doesn't matter what everybody else thinks. If you don't like them then you need to think about the tone you are going for and think about the amp you you have and try and figure out what pickups will be best for you based on those two factors. More often than not the big issue with tone is down to the amp, but sometimes pickup swaps can help.

Let us know how happy you are with the pickups, what amp you have, and what it is about your tone you are unhappy with and we can help. If there is nothing about your tone you are unhappy with then your gear is good just the way it is.
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depends on whether or not you like them...

expactly. Paul Gilbert took pickups from an Ibanez Starter guitar and put them in his RG after he did a video for the starter guitar package things.
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